Did Your Mom Pick Out That Outfit?

6 Feb

Did Your Mom Pick Out That Outfit?

“Did your mom pick that out?” The dreaded comment that no one wants to hear. It has always seemed like the worst thing you could possibly do is to like something that your mom likes. But is it really that bad? I put it to the test, and after a lot of thinking, decided to take a chance and let my mom loose in my closet. Surprisingly, the outfit she picked out, as seen in the picture, is not the most horribly disgusting combination I have ever seen. It’s actually cute, and something I would normally wear! This is a lesson many teens should learn! Moms don’t always have bad taste, and it is okay to like the same things! If you are having trouble deciding on an outfit, maybe you can ask your mom for advice! As for this outfit, thanks for keeping me stylish Mom!
In the Picture: Merona purple cardigan
American Eagle lace tank top
American Eagle light skinny jeans

xoxo Glamourgurl *peace, love, fashion*


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