What a Girl Really Wants for Valentine’s Day

13 Feb

What a Girl Really Wants for Valentine's Day

Are you stumped on what to get your girl for Valentine’s Day? While new jewelry would be nice, for Valentine’s Day you are probably better off going with a smaller gift. Save the jewelry for her birthday or your anniversary. Instead of going all out with something expensive here are a few ideas that are easy, and sure to make your girl happy!
1. Bake her cookies-The kind in the picture are adorable with the hearts imprinted on them. Making cookies will show that you are willing to put effort into your relationship.
2. Flowers and Chocolate-Go old school with the traditional gift of flowers and chocolate. What girl doesn’t love red roses and mini chocolates?
3. Movie Night-Make it a surprise by planning a movie night for the two of you. She will love that you took the time to plan everything! Also, Endless Love premiers in theaters tomorrow, a movie that every girl wants to see.
Take these tips into consideration while thinking about Valentine’s Day gifts this year. These ideas are simple and easy to do, but still shows that you care!

xoxo Glamourgurl *peace, love, fashion*


One Response to “What a Girl Really Wants for Valentine’s Day”

  1. fabulousfoodie215 February 15, 2014 at 11:20 am #

    I love those cookie but if you want to change it up, take two cookies and make an ice cream sandwich with them. Then take some tiny heart sprinkles and roll the sides of the cookie in the sprinkles. Fun, flirty, and fabulous.


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