To Cut or Not to Cut?

25 Feb

To Cut or Not to Cut?

That seems to be the real question these days. Many celebrities have recently chopped of their luscious locks. From Jennifer Lawrence to Anne Hathaway and most recently Taylor Swift, it is hard not to cut off your hair if you are a big fan of any of these celebrities. But is short hair the right look for you? If you want to go shorter, it is definitely a popular and current trend, but start off slow. Unless you are very confident that you will look as fabulous with short hair as you do with long hair, start by cutting off only a couple of inches. If you are pleased with the result, next time go shorter. And if you do decide to cut all of your hair off at once and take the risk, remember, if you don’t like it, it will always grow back!

xoxo Glamourgurl *peace love fashion*


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