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Grammy Style

27 Jan

Grammy Style

Who else was watching the Grammy’s last night? I know I was, and I definitely saw some trends! One major trend of the night was white dresses. Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and others all wore white dresses. Simple dresses also seems to be in compared to previous years where outfits with more of a statement have been worn. For men I noticed that suits were common, being worn with high-tops or converse instead of dress shoes, adding a hint of rebellion to their fine clothes.
In the picture:
Beyonce wearing a dress by Michael Costello
Taylor Swift wearing a dress by J. Mendel
Katy Perry wearing a dress by Valentino Couture
Which dress is your favorite?


What to Wear to Work

15 Jan

What to Wear to Work

Many teens have small jobs that they go to once or twice a week, but there is always the question of what to wear. An outfit like the one in the picture is perfect! It is not to revealing, it looks nice and it is stylish too! When going to work you should look nice and conservative, you don’t want to be too flashy in a work setting. Skirts and dresses are not the best option for work because you should be comfortable, and able to move around. This outfit looks clean, fashionable, and is also wearable to school before work!

In the picture: Ralph Lauren Shirt, Aeropostale Black Jeans